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Working together with Lightning Video Editors is very enriching. They are very enthusiastic people, always professional, friendly and open to all questions and suggestions. They look very confident in their job and they are perfect networkers. I’m looking forward working with Lightning Video Editors on future events.
Liesbeth J., Science Communication KU Leuven
Het was vlot samenwerken met jullie. De film is geslaagd: kort en krachtig, zoals we het gevraagd hadden. Bovendien was de film snel klaar, bedankt!

It was very easy to work with them. The movie was very well done: short and powerful, just like we asked. On top of that it was finished very quick, thank you!

Ineke I., University of Gent
The video was shown to all members of the INGOs Conference on Wednesday 28 January 2015 during plenary Education and Culture session and discussed in the permanent committee. Their delegates agreed to support the dissemination and implementation of the Guide to human rights for Internet users. We are most grateful to this support given and would appreciate if CDMSI members and participants share this link as they feel appropriate.
Krystyna K., Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law, DGI Council of Europe, Council of Europe
The movie was received enthusiastically with an applause by the members of the conference. On top of that my strategy was approved by the permanent committee thanks to this movie.
Didier S., Vice-president INGO sessions, Council of Europe
Working with Lightning Video Editors was inspiring and refreshing. The after video they produced for our China study abroad programmes is tremendously creative and stunning.
Dominik W. , CEO, CBL International Education
The Lightning Video Editors crew has a great skill for video production and it was truly a pleasure working with them. From the beginning, I was already impressed with their ability to understand my abstract concepts and help turn them into reality through video. Together, we worked with a team of video editors and designers to help bring the AIESEC YouthSpeak campaign to life. The crew here does an effective job leading the team and they are a player who can get the job done with excellence.
Gordon C. , Vice President Digital Marketing, AIESEC International

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The Age of Infobesity – Gone Thanks to ZEUS

Infobesity is the problem nowadays in aftermovies: According to Zona research, people click away after just 8 seconds of watching aftermovies. Partly because of complicated aftermovies or partly because it’s just too boring(=Infobesity). This means interest needs to be triggered in those crucial seconds or else nobody will remember your aftermovies.

What We Do and Why You Can Earn More, because of that.

We believe that your aftermovies don’t have to be difficult. We help you get through all the nonsense and create a straight to the point, effective and interesting aftermovies. We will then optimalise it for you with our Zeus technique. This will create custom aftermovies, made just for you. An aftermovie that will make your clients want to take action!


Zeus Technique Explained…

We are the only one in the world that can streamline your aftermovies with this classified technique. Your vision is very important to us. If it’s not executed properly then your result can fail dramatically. That is why we have looked for a long time to create the perfect videocrew. This is a videocrew that has made filmprojects in the past that turned major visions into reality. They captured beautiful moments and have made it their passion to pursue those moments and eternalise them in aftermovies.

On top of that they each had a vast training in psychology, social dynamics and coaching. Why is this important I hear you thinking? Because this means that all aftermovies can be perfected to an unparalleled audio and video synchronisation, just for you. This means that every frequency is analysed into detail by a Lightning technique we developed here at Lightning Video Editors. This is what we call the ‘ZEUS’ technique.

So what does this all mean to you? Well very simple this technique ensures that the person that watches your aftermovies will ( actually!) keep his attention and will enjoy your aftermovies. Even if the original footage you offer us was not shot with the best quality camera. This means that there will be more video-memories to retain, which eventually will lead to the team moral going up and you probably know what that means? Exactly, sales going up! According to our research, there is an increase of up to 185% in sales. That is the reason we employ people that have a vast knowledge of social dynamics, psychology and coaching.

Why Us You’re Probably Thinking?

If you want to make a billion dollars, then you need our special set of aftermovies.

That’s just a joke, however on a more serious note: We believe that people want to bond. We believe that having a moment of bonding shouldn’t be forgotten and, We believe that this moment should be captured by professional video-experts. That is how we create a better organisation, a more effective way of communicating and in the end a better world.

You probably invest money in the development of your company, teams and people. For instance when you organize retreats, conferences and company trips. Well, we help companies like you.

We help you by professionally creating and/or editing the memories, videos and aftermovies, you create during that time. And we do this by using the skill we have in our professional team of moviemakers, video editors and graphic designers, that have been doing this for years.

This means the belief we have for you is converted into amazing benefits: like more time to concentrate on your business, more reason for you to bond and keep in touch with everyone. And in the end your conference will gain more sales. This because of the aftermovies that promote positivity in the working place.

Now it doesn’t stop there (=because we obviously like offering you features or don’t we?). On top of that we offer you a lightning fast and very custom service for your aftermovies. Which means you will be directly in contact with the person in charge of your aftermovies. You will have complete control over your aftermovies. This ensures that the aftermovies you get are fully customised, exactly what you want and that the aftermovies are finished lightning fast. There is a reason we are called Lightning Video Editors.

Our Portfolio

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Our Exclusive Process

I. Consultation

We get on an intake call, where we get to know what your needs are for the aftermovies. Who is your target audience for the aftermovies? We establish your goals and outline a strategy for your campaign. It is proven that aftermovies on your website/ in your company will improve your conversion rates and increase workplace moral.


We send you the aftermovies storyboard completely tailored to your needs.The storyboard can be adjusted unlimited times. After your confirmation, we proceed to the next step. We talk over specific songs or voice overs that need to be implemented in your aftermovies.

III.Building phase

This is where you send us your aftermovie files depending on what package you chose (Gold, Platinum, Executive Platinum). Then your aftermovies are handed over to each expert in our team. At the end of the build phase of your aftermovies we implement the ZEUS technique. A revolutionary synchronisation technique (uniquely developed here) of every audio and video track to ensure maximum attention for your viewers.

IV. Video search engine optimization (VSEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also possible for aftermovies (VSEO). We will incorporate this into your aftermovies, that way it will score better in the search engines. This means more interested customers for you.

V. Enjoy the Movie

Just a few benefits: building brand awareness and loyalty.  Your aftermovies easily becoming viral. Noticeable moral difference which amounts to better sales and more efficiency in the work space.

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Think of having more free time while simultaneously having 20% more customers.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, contact us today.


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