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“Have the coolest holiday season message this year, by having your own Personalized,
3D animated video, custom rendered for your company and brand!”

Wish your Clients/Employees/Family good wishes, and get a response right away!


Your payment is 100% secure, and if you are unhappy with the final product you can request a full refund.

“Using video in email marketing campaigns increased revenue by 4 times (Relevancy Group)”

Premium Holiday Video For Only 47€!

Do you want to have the best Holidays with your friends and clients this year? 

For the next few weeks, our team will be offering all our past clients the chance to get their own version of this Holiday card Video!

To get a 3d animated video at this quality normally costs over 1000€ but during these pre-holiday weeks, you can get one made for just 47€all you need to do is send us your logo and a personalized message!







Yes, I Want To Buy The Video For 197 € + VAT

Your payment is 100% secure, and if you are unhappy with the final product you can request a full refund.

Sales Manager Penta Hotel

I immediately had a great feeling about it … We used the movie for our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter page … The video was shared more than 16-17 times, none of my pictures were shared like that… If you’re doubting then just look at the video to see how great it was…

Jolien V., Belgium

Dutch Blog & YouTube Network

In the beginning, when we started out we thought we could buy a nice camera and film it ourselves… things went wrong and we didn’t have all the knowledge… We decided to hire some students, but they weren’t the experts we thought they were… Since we hired Lightning Video Editors all the bad feelings, and stress has gone of my shoulders… Tangible results are that we launched a new online course with the professionally edited videos, and clients are complementing us, they are watching a bit longer, … Our YouTube channel has grown exponentially!… Feedback we get on the videos is great, people like to share the videos, and we don’t get complaints anymore… I’m really proud of that… The one thing that I really like is the speed of execution… We can launch a couple of days later, and it keeps the train going… It gives you momentum…



Sander V., Rotterdam, Netherlands

Some tangible results we can get for you: Case Studies

nr1 google

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Ranking #1 in google with Website & Video for keywords “professional aftermovies” & Page #1 for “conference aftermovies”, and many more keywords.

This picture is only one example, we can easily provide you with our clients, and how we got them on the first page by using our Video Marketing strategies.







3 shoutouts from big facebook pages for Why Not 3 – startup, all because of a good message, and great Interview video editing as Venture Café mentioned. This acceptance resulted into a place as a speaker at the TEDx Rotterdam: side event I


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Testimonial Tomas+ssm logo+ze testivideo+craigslist



⇐  Our custom aftermovie made Tomas decide to buy a 5997 $ course from www.timothymarc.com, with a payment plan of 6-8 months.








We started off with this client in November, with around 18.000-20.000 views, by 15 DEC 2015 they had 220 subscribers and 38.199 views.

Not even 15 days later on 1 JAN 2016 we already had 302 subscribers and 61.799 views.

3 months after that on 21 MARCH 2016 it was already 808 subscribers and 200.644 views, at this point we organized a conference that sold out an entire conference room hotel.

Less than half a year later they now have 2363 subscribers, and 675.527 views, and are able to launch multiple online products.


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Yes, I Want To Buy It For 47€ + VAT & Get Access To The Exclusive Client List Where We Share Industry Secrets

Your payment is 100% secure, and if you are unhappy with the final product you can request a full refund.

Do You Have a Question?

Q: How do I get started?

A: Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive an automatic email from us. This will link you to a questionnaire where you will be able to tell us which name you want us to put on the video. We will then use this information to create your video.

Q: How Does It Work?

A: Once you have placed your order and filled out our short questionnaire, our team will deliver your first video within days. 

Q: How many videos am I ordering?

A: The minimum amount is 1 video, but you can order more once you click on the button. We don’t compromise on quality, and customer service is our main priority!

Q: Can I order more videos?

A: Yes, once you’ve clicked the button you will be able to choose the amount of videos that you’re ordering.


Q: What If I Don’t Like The Video?

A: Once you have the first draft of the video, you will be able to make 1 round of changes free of charge. If after that you are still unhappy you can request a full refund.

Q: Is It Really Only €47/video?

A: Yes, this is a little promo we are offering for a short time to build up some testimonials and portfolio examples. Our hope is that you will like the video so much that you will provide us with a testimonial! Either way, this project will be treated as a full-service video package with 1-on-1 service.

Q: Do you have other services?

A: Yes, Instagram Videos that get our clients big shares. Also YouTube videos just like in the case studies. For your YouTube videos, it’s 5-10 minutes, and we will be able to fit in your content, and 3-4 call to action buttons at the end (see above example of “Why Not 3”).

Q: I Want To Talk To Someone First…

A: No worries! Send an email to lovakremer@lightningvideoeditors.com and we will answer any questions you may have or you use the form below.


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